Published Writers on Writing

“There is no 'secret' to becoming a writer. Writing takes time--and
patience, more than anything else. If you are willing to rewrite and
rewrite and rewrite, you will become a good writer."
Richard Rodriguez

“When I start a project, the first thing I do is write down, in
longhand, everything I know about the subject, every thought I’ve
ever had on it.”    
Maya Angelou

"A ratio of failures is built into the process of writing.  
The wastebasket has evolved for a reason.”
Margaret Atwood

“Wrestling with words gave me my moments
of greatest meaning.”
Richard Wright

"It was not until this moment when I separated myself, when I
considered myself truly distinct, that my writing acquired a voice.“
Sandra Cisneros

“Writing and rewriting are a constant search for what it is one is
John Updike