Introduction & Conclusion Strategies
From: Working It Out: A Troubleshooting Guide for Writers
By Barbara Clouse

Refer to your textbook for additional examples.


1.        Explain why the topic is important.
2.        Provide Background Information
3.        Tell a Story
Use an Interesting Quotation
5.        Provide Relevant Statistics
6.        Find Some Common Ground With Your Reader
Describe Something
8.        Begin with the points you will discuss and thesis statement
9.        Write it last.
10.      Turn your conclusion into your introduction.


1.        Explain the significance of your main point.
2.        Provide a summary if your reader will appreciate one.
3.        Explain the consequences of ignoring your view.
4.        Restate your thesis for emphasis.
5.        Suggest a course of action.
6.        Look to the future.
7.        Combine two or more of the above approaches.