Complete the "Bad News" training simulation to help you successfully
identify and use various disinformation and propaganda tools.

Prepare to impress the team.

Your Written Report:
As you complete the training, identify multiple strategies for
possible use in an upcoming disinformation campaign.

Reminder: This disinformation campaign is highly classified.

Your Report is due at your first meeting with the team.
The Circle [Mis]Communications Program:
Bad News Training
Appropriate as well as misleading uses of the term, "fake news," are
not limited to specific persons, political parties, or other contexts. The
term, "fake news," "seems to have emerged around the end of the
19th century"
("Fake News," Merriam-Webster).

The "Bad News" training simulator functions within the larger context
of disinformation, propaganda, and "fake news" at The Circle; the
training should not be interpreted as an endorsement of and/or a
challenge of any public figure, media entity, political party, and/or other
subject except for The Circle.
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