Review: Fact, False Statement of Fact, or Opinion
Fact (F): Something that can be proved to exist or to have happened
False Statement of Fact (FS): Something that can be disproved
Opinion (O): a judgement or belief / Something that cannot be proved or

1. CHMB 260 is located on the second floor; this classroom features
2. All Chaffey College students buy their textbooks at the Chaffey College
3. Chaffey College offers a high-quality education at a reasonable cost.

4. Eminem and Rhianna are featured in one of Eminem's music videos.
5. This music video presents a realistic view of domestic violence.
6. Rhianna should not have agreed to participate in the music video.
7. The music video does not feature the use of fire.
Rhianna              Eminem
(image from music video)
Distinguishing facts, opinions, and
false statements of facts
Some fake online texts =

as jokes and for fun

Some untrue online texts = published or shared without
rigorous review and/or
assumed to be true / shared without

Some fake texts =
appear to be legitimate

Some untrue online texts =

intentionally developed to spread misinformation, false
statements of fact, and/or questionable facts and